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Liner Notes - Tyler, Texas Session

This CD is a rare and historic live-in-the-studio recording of a blues legend.John Campbell recorded these magical performances as demo, years before his Electra contract and untimely death.On these recordings you will hear one man with a presumably a 1930�s era National Resophonic, a then pristine 1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo, and all his heart and soul, whisking you away on a mystical journey.

No electronic tracks were used to alter John�s renditions of these blues classics that were woven with the charm and heartfelt passion of a man who lived his craft.You�ll hear the incredible syncopation of his hands, his ethereal voice, and the beat of his foot keeping time.Robin Hood Studios captured Campbell�s complete essence; metal on wood slide guitar rattles and the very breath and snarls of a brilliant apprentice to the blues.They were also able to chronicle a musician steeped in deep country blues, whose performances during this session were not destined to be heard until now.

�Campbell imbibed the spirit of the masters of the blues.If you were lucky enough to have witnessed his shows you would have been a participant in a classroom where the blues was the subject.John gave lessons in the blues on a nightly basis.His venues became his classroom where he lectured ancient blues theory.He demonstrated piano and banjo style blues guitar methods, as well as Mississippi-delta slide technique.Audiences the world over were enthralled at his sheer finger picking ability and his thunderous right hand technique.� *

Mojo Hand, a fitting epitaph, is presented on this recording where you�ll hear John�s derelict plea of �I�m Goin� Back to Louisiana.�Welcome home, John Campbell, welcome home.

*Excerpt from the future release of the biography, Road of the Conqueror, the Life of John Campbell.


Master Tape Speed: 15 IPS

Scully �� � track stereo analog recorder

Electrodyne Console

Microphones: Neumann U 67/U 87 � Shure Sm 53/57 � Telefunken ELA M 250

Recorded at Robin Head Studios, Sunnybrook, Tyler, Texas

Engineer: Robin Hood Brians

John Campbell, guitars and vocals

Produced by: Scott R. Van Dusen for Sphere Sound Records, USA

Transferred/Mastered at Bravura Sound & Frank Scheidt Audio, Rochester, N.Y.

Mastered by Matthew D. Guanere with Scott R. Van Dusen

Analog to digital transfer April 1996

Mastered May 1999

Legal: Christopher J. Calabrese, Attorney at Law

Trademarks: Robert J. Bird, Attorney at Law

CD Artwork at Packaging: Ron Brancato � Brancato Creative

Label re-issue design: Scott R. Van Dusen and Andrew Lesny

Package photography of Campbell�s 1952 Gibson: Anmari Linardi

Robin Hood Studio photo courtesy of Robin Hood Brians

Shreveport Journal photos reproduced with permission

Editor of Scott�s ambient pen, William Nowlk

Website: www.spheresound.com

Gracias: John Campbell, Sr., Ellen and Jeff Searcey, Dolly Fox-Campbell, Bill Campbell

Dedicated to the spirit of John Campbell, 1952-1993

Copyright � 2003, Thomas Geiger
Revised: May 15, 2003