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Liner Notes - One Believer

Produced by Dennis Walker and Peter Lubin

Engineered by Bill Dashell
Mixed by Bill Schnee

Tracks 1,2,5,6,7,10

John Campbell � guitar and vocal
Richard Cousins � bass
Jimmy Pugh � keys
Lee Spath � drums

Tracks 4,8,9

John Campbell � guitar, slide guitar, vocal
Jimmy Pettit � bass
Gary Nicholson � guitar
Davis McLarty � drums

Track 3

John Campbell � guitar and vocal
Antoine Salley � bass
Jimmy Pugh � keys
Lee Spath � drums

Percussion on 3,7,9 by Brad Dutz and Lee Spath
Horns on 10 by Joe Sublett, Darrell Leonard and Ken Tussing (The Texicali Horns)
Trumpet solo on 6 by Darrel Leonard

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley 3/91
Overdubbed at Sunnyside Studios, Los Angeles 4/91

Basic Tracks 4, 8, 9 engineered by Neill King
Additional engineering by Phil Shenale and John Carter
Mixed at Schnee Studio, North Holywood 5/91
Recording Assistants: Neill King, Fidel Bell, Chris Rich, and Tim Lauber
Guitar Techs and aides de camp: David Plehn and John Murray
Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax

Muchos gracias: B.B, Dolly Fox, Ted and Lara, Rob Farboni, Monty Clark, Sukhdeo Doobay, Jonathon Bass, Cree, David Hansen, Gordon Wands, Mark Grandfield, Quint Davis, High John the Conqueror, Frank Newlin, Rick Shoemaker, Steve at Bayside Sound, Dewitt, Festival Productions, B&H Blues, everyone at Crossroads, and Electra offices worldwide.

With special thanks to Dr. John.

John Campbell plays a 1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic guitar, a 1934 National Steel guitar, and a 1940�s-era National resophonic guitar through a Fender Super Reverb amp.
Davis McLarty plays DW Drums and uses Pro-Mark sticks.

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Photography: Marion Ettlinger

Copyright � 2003, Thomas Geiger
Revised: May 10, 2003