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Liner Notes - Howlin Mercy

Was a time when Shadows grew bones,

Stood Up and walked whistling

Past graveyards, and No One feared Midnight.

Alchemy was called science

And therefore had to be torn down and rebuilt.

And all took responsibility

For their Wickedness as well as their Power

John Campbell

The John Campbell Band:

John Campbell � guitars and vocal
Zonder Kennedy � guitar
Jimmy Pettit � bass
Davis McLarty � drums

Ceremonial shaking on �Down in the Hole,� by Evan Diablo; Coyote skull, bones, beads, bags, feathers, and rattles of snakes.
Additional percussion on �Firin' Line� by Mid Memphis Rhythm Section, Antoine Salley, Madison Cooper, Edwin �clutch� Ravel, Wizard of Guitar sounds: Jamie Dardanis.

Produced by Dennis Walker

Recorded at the Power Station, New York City, August 1-15, 1992
Engineered by Larry Alexander.
Second Engineer: Dan Gellert
Mixed at Ardent Studios, Memphis, Tennessee, August 27-September 5, 1992
Mixed by John Hampton.
Second Engineers: Erik Fletrich and Roger Goldine
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, September 17, 1992

John Campbell plays Gibson and National Guitars.
Davis McLarty plays DW Drums and uses Pro-Mark Sticks

Thanks:Dolly, Teddy and Lara, B.B., Ron Kaplan, Buddy Guy, Quint Davis, Mark Krantz, Judy Walker, Tzuming, Claire Pettit, Jan Mirkin, Etheridge Hill, Joan Bisacca, Carole Childs, Robin Lynch, Claude Nobs, Jaquelyne Ledent-Vilain, JoAnn Keading, Cyntha Leu, Angelina Petrovic-Vicart, Ashley Pierce, Lars Bennike & Glennie Petterson, Ingvar Aarholt, BrendSkibbe, Bernd Dopp, Ants DiDomenico, William Jansens, Teo, Jimmy Archey at Gibson, Alan Watsky, Mojo Guitars, Matt Umanov, Steve Urich, Arte Smith, Valerie Vickers, Kenny Hamlin, Rick Shoemaker, Montana Studios, Everyone at American Famous Talent, ASGARD (especially Chris and Des), Paul Charles, Belfast Blues Society, Andrew Tekell, Gerald Yarn, Jackie Kern, Ace Lichtenstein, Dan Baumgardner, Festival Productions, Patti and Stevie, Ready Teddy, Blind Willie Loobster, Snake, High John the Conqueror, and everyone at Elektra worldwide.

Special thanks to Bob Krasnow.Very special thanks to Howard Thompson.

Mangement:Mike Gormley, LA Personal Development, 1201 Larabee St. Penthouse 302, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Booking Information: North America Ron Kaplan, America Famous Talent, 816 West Evergreen, Chicago, IL 60622
fax: 312-440-9535Europe Paul Charles, ASGARD, 125 Parkway, Regents Park, London NW 7PS

Photography: Merlyn Rosenberg
Design: Darren Crawforth
Art Direction: Robin Lynch

Copyright � 2003, Thomas Geiger
Revised: May 10, 2003