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John Campbell - Frequently Asked Questions

This image was contributed by John's manager Mike Gormley - Check out Mike's site at:

How do I get John Campbell's music?

Unfortunately, much of John Campbell's music is no longer in print. However, you can usually find Howlin Mercy and One Believer on Amazon or for sale second hand on Ebay.

Here are some places to try:

How are Dolly and Paris?

Dolly and Paris are both doing well. Dolly has contributed some great photos.

What happened to John's Guitars?

John's 1952 Gibson Super Jumbo is currently owned by Scott Van Dusen who purchased it from Dolly. The 1934 National Steel Duolian is still owned by Dolly Fox Campbell. Unfortunately, she no longer has possession of it. She loaned the guitar to Eric Schenkman of the Spin Doctors for a recording session. Eric never returned the guitar. Nice Guy!

We are trying to help Dolly retrieve the guitar. If you know Eric, please tell him to contact Dolly. She would like the guitar returned as soon as possible.

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