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This website is a labor of love for me. I first discovered John Campbell in 1994 after had already passed away. It wasn't until recently that I have started to really listen to his music and appreciate his rare talent.

If you would like to contribute in any way to this site, I would be willing to put your reviews, comments, and stories about John Campbell on the site and properly identify you as the source. I have a lot more material to put on the site, but for now this is pretty much what I have permission to publish.

In the past 6 months I received lots of great memorabilia and contributions from both John's fans and his personal friends. This site continues to grow. Everyday I receive great photos, stories, and memorabilia to share with you. I want to thank Dolly Fox Campbell and Jerry Sue Sutton for sharing their personal photos. Their contribution has made this site something special. Robert Medici, Mike McNamara, Tony Martin, and Papa Mali have all shared something with us, too. Thanks for helping me to honor and remember this great artist and performer.

I want to thank the owners of the copyrighted material: Karl Bremer, Marc Marnie, Robert Corwin, Frank Ockenfels, David Rotenstein, Joseph A. Rosen, Don O., Boyd Smith, Lisa Seifert, Greg Johnson, and Jack Vartoogian for gracioulsly letting me use their images or text.

Detelev Hoegen at Cross-Cut Records has been tremendously helpful and supportive of the site allowing me to use liner notes and photos. He has also provided dates and concert information from John's first trip to Europe in July of 1989. Thanks Detlev!!!

Special thanks to Gareth Hayes! Gareth recently sent me several Blueprint Blues magazine articles about John and included cool pictures and memorabilia. Gareth has allowed me to use all of it on the site, too! And special thanks to Fabio, too for great photos and memorabilia. Your generosity amazes me. Thank You.

Also, I have received lots of great feedback. I really appreciate the encouraging comments and excellent ideas and suggestions. Hans Drost and Charlie Hussey have provided me with some concert information and many others have sent me their memories and stories about John. Dick Waterman contributed a great story about John's early days in New York. Akis L. was extremely helpful with a few tough lyrics. And Paul Heroy contributed an excellent review of a John Campbell performance at the LSU Assembly Center.

I would like to thank Jimmy Pettit, Dick Waterman, Bruce Flett, Darrell Sage, Johhny Bartee, Kathy, Dan Garner, Jack Mayeaux and Richard Chalk for sharing their memories of John with us. Each knew John at a different point in his life and their stories provide a unique look at John. If you knew John, I would love to add your story, too.

Jaques Dulac has worked to help make the site bi-lingual. His hard work transcribing French articles into English will help us to see John in a different way and make the site more accessible to those who speak French. Thanks, Jacues!

Finally, a special note of thanks to Paul Fraser, who was the first to put up a site about John Campbell. When I first started looking, his was really the only site dedicated to this great man.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, ideas, or criticism of any kind. This is just the start. I really do hope this evolves into something that everyone who knew John Campbell, saw him play, or loves his music will appreciate.

You can email me at: no contact email available, Please use the web links on the main front page of the john campbell blues website to contact us.

If for some reason, you do not get a reply - please resend the email. I have had some trouble with missing emails.

I would love to hear your stories or memories about John. If you have a favorite album, or would like to share a personal note about how John's music has touched your life - I am interested.

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